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JUNE 22ND @ 7:00PM 

Panel Session 1 

Booking Tours - getting ready for the road 

Ambitious plans to jump in the tour bus and hit the road? Our expert panel will share insight into how to connect with venues, put together plan for touring and all the tips and tricks to make your trek across the country sing!



Julien Paquin (Paquin Entertainment)

Jason Furman (Feldman Agency)

Ryan Heershep (I Book Shows)

Moderator: Rian Malloch (Skware Eyes Collaborative)

JUNE 23RD @ 8:30PM 

Panel Session 2

Artist Funding – supporting the arts in times of need 


Never before, has it been so important to understand the funding opportunities available to you, the artist. Federal funding, provincial funding, municipal funding. Learn from this panel of experts how to tap into funding to help you elevate your career!



Moderator: Mark Watson (Watson Entertainment)

JUNE 24TH @ 7:00PM 

Panel Session 3

Marketing – getting results in the digital age  

Connecting with an audience is where the true passion comes out and our experts will offer insight into how to use digital platforms to engage and grow your audience.



Tyler Tasson (Endemic Marketing)

Janine Papeo (Social Influencer / Band Social Manager)

Moderator: Brent Kinnaird

JUNE 24TH @ 8:30PM 

Panel Session 4

Song Writing – getting inspired to create 

That hook that became a hit all started with one idea. Learn from some of Canada’s finest artists how they (and you!) developed their songwriting skills. 


JUNE 25TH @ 7:00PM 

Panel Session 5 

Finding a career in the 'Biz' 

So you love music, but musical skill really isn't your thing. Well, let this panel guide you to some incredible options that these industry professionals have found outside the music itself. 



Tim Des Islets (Noisemaker Music)

Mark Watson (Watson Entertainment)

Myles Rusak (Sound of Music Festival)

Moderator: Tim Potocic (Sonic Unyon, Supercrawl)

JUNE 25TH @ 8:30PM 

Panel Session 6

The Festival Panel 

How do you get booked to play a festival? Let this panel of festival programmers give you the inside line. There's a mountain of great music out there, so how do you get their attention? Find out by joining this panel discussion.



Rian Malloch (Sound of Music Festival)

Tim Fraser (Home County Festival)

Jon Rolston (Elora Riverfest)

Moderator: Myles Rusak (Sound of Music Festival)

JUNE 28TH @ 7:30PM 

Panel Session 7

The Radio Panel

The magical world of radio! How does your song get on the radio? Who do you need to know? What makes a song a hit? This panel of radio experts will help you navigate the world of Canadian radio. After all, who doesn't want to hear their song blasting on the car stereo while you're driving down the QEW?


Mike Rice (RPM Promotion)

India Coran (RPM Promotion)

More TBD

Moderator: Brian West

JUNE 28TH @ 9:00PM 

Panel Session 8

The Production Panel

This panel will introduce you to some of the best producers in Canada right now! They'll help you understand the need for a world class production, and what it takes to build a winning project from the ground up. They might even share a story or two about some amazing studio memories.


More TBD

Moderator: Doug Elliott (94.9 The Rock)

JUNE 29TH @ 7:00PM 

Celebrity Interview  

Join SOM @ HOME Operations Manager, Brent Kinnaird as he goes 1 on 1 with our guest Alan Cross. Famous for his podcast, The Ongoing History of New Music, hear some stories, get some advice, and have a laugh at one of radio's most celebrated personalities.

JUNE 29TH @ 9:30PM 

Wrap Up Concert 

Join us for a 1 hour private online concert featuring a mystery headliner!! Open to all conference participants, this will be a unique experience, followed by a virtual meet and greet and Q&A.

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