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battle of the bands


The votes are in!
Thank you to all who voted & our top 10 bands. 
Congratulations to our top 5 finalists! You have been chosen to  play LIVE for our judges on Sunday, June 12th at The Dicken's.

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A short Walk to Pluto.png

A Short Walk To Pluto

Formed in 2018, this rock band combines the eclectic styling of progressive rock with catchy hooks and rhythms to create a unique modern sound. This Toronto-born foursome pride themselves in producing high-quality music and know how to blow you away with an energetic and engaging live performance.

Pacific Estate2.jpg

Pacific Estate

Formed in 2013 by a few bright-eyed high school kids looking to jam, the band has naturally evolved into one of Ontario’s premier up and coming indie rock acts. Unafraid of pushing the envelope, they have a willingness to blur the lines of genre while staying true to their hook-driven roots, catalyzes a fresh yet familiar take on modern rock.

Stellar Ash2.jpg

Stellar Ash

Made up of four working-class, suburban dads who have spent the past five years in the aether, living and breathing a sincere passion for their brand of Niagara Alt-rock. Experience the cosmic Canadian blast of Stellar Ash.

Chaos Above Glory.JPG

Chaos Above Glory

This hard-rock band from the Niagara region focus on heavy rock with a hard-hitting edge. The sound is all about atmospheric melodies and heavy riffs going for a punchy monolithic sound.

Tripper & The Wild Things.jpg

Tripper and the Wild Things

This Hamilton-based indie-rock band started in 2019 as a long-dormant side project between 2 high school friends. The now-five-piece outfit brings a passion and energy to the stage that can only come from good friends sharing their love of music with each other and their audience.

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